After seeing you for the first time I knew you would occupy my thoughts for the rest of eternity. After watching you dance around the room so effortlessly I couldn’t help but feel envious of your carefree soul. After your lips formed the sound of my name I knew I was done for. After wondering what you tasted like, you kissed me so passionately my imagination of it all shattered. After taking your hand and leading you to the earth’s edge I knew there was no one else in this entire universe that I wanted to be next to. After we finished speaking of the future we would sit in quiet satisfaction, wondering silently if any of it would come true.    

 After seeing your eyes full of tears I realized that your soul was broken. After hearing your screams for an answer I felt my heart break. After you came into the room with your bloodshot eyes I held your shaking body and listened to you whisper about the voices in your mind. After I watched you consume line after line of the whiteness I knew I wasn’t enough for you. After realizing that my touch was no longer what satisfied you I cried out for help. After all of your promises, you left, no goodbyes and no second chances were given. 

After scattering what was left of you into the wind I asked myself why I had fallen for someone so broken and soulless as you. After everything you put me through I should have been without a soul too. After you, however, my soul was more in tact than ever before. After asking myself why you made me feel so alive when you were so dead inside, I realized, you were trying to save me from the world by swallowing all of the evil. After the evil took you I began to see it everywhere else. After failing to hide from it all I pictured your face and knew it would lead me into your arms again. After you my darling, I’ll follow close behind. After all, I truly loved you.