Short Story

This is a story I had to write going off of a sentence that someone had written with chalk in the courtyard of my school. So here is my contribution to it. It’s a subject I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It sickens me to see someone in an emotionally abusive relationship that can’t seem to leave their significant other, but don’t have any real reasons to stay. 

She had unleashed the power of lust, and also had loved him before that, anyhow – it just made their love harder to stop (not that they wanted that). Anyways, after the truth had been revealed…

After the truth had been revealed they began to grow apart. Every time she looked at him she would feel her heart break. Over and over again, until she was in tears on the bathroom floor. Every time he touched her she would want to scratch at the place his hands brushed against her skin until there was nothing left but bone. Every time she lied next to him at night she dreamt of standing up and walking out the door. What was making her stay? She tried to find answers to this question every time he shifted in his sleep. Was it because he had been the first to discover her body? Was it because he had once made her feel safe from her insecurities? Was it because she had promised to love him for the rest of her miserable life? Was it because she couldn’t stand the idea of him belonging to someone else? But he didn’t belong to her. She had discovered the sickening truth that her body wasn’t the only one he was discovering. Her insecurities weren’t the only ones being put out by him. She wasn’t the only one he was making promises to. He wasn’t hers anymore. He would make up some excuse to leave, and wouldn’t be back until the next morning. How long would it take until he didn’t come back? She dreaded and hoped for that day. Every time his lips met hers she imagined tasting someone else on them. She swallowed the vomit that would creep up her throat. She stayed. She stayed because something was stirring inside of her, and she couldn’t be left alone with it. She had left her home, everything she knew, just to be with him. If she left him she’d have nothing. No one. So she kept quiet when he would leave. She kept quiet when she heard him whispering on the phone, saying all the words he once said to her. This was the life she chose, and there was nothing she could do about it now.

Happy Birthday Kenzie

Happy Birthday to this incredible beaut. I am thankful for the years I’ve had you as a friend and the many more to come. Today we celebrate your very existence because it’s a special and beautiful one. I pray that you will have an infinite love for your dreams. You are capable of great things, so go out into the world and show everyone what you’ve got. I love you Kenzie. Continue to be a beautiful little star. 

What Ginger’s Need

I am pretty terrible at writing poetry. Here is what I wrote about for my writing class. I mean no offense to people with red hair, I love all Ginger’s. 

All Ginger’s need love

Their skin is as white as a dove

All Ginger’s need care

Their fiery hair, making it hard not to stare

Is it the same down there?

I’ve always wondered

About the land down under

All Ginger’s need kinship

Because it’s hard for them to find friendship

 People say they have no soul

But to me they are angel’s

Their hair like forest fire

I can’t help my desire

People yell “Fire crotch!”

I’ll yell “Light me up!”

All Ginger’s need love

Even if I’m the only one willing to give it