Eros, my darling boy
Put away that bow and arrow that take away your joy
Just for one night let me look in your eyes
None of the lies that are used for your disguise
I just want you and all of your life
I want to take away all of the strife

But with your bow and arrow you take over my thoughts
With your careful husky voice you take away the pain I could not
Those ice blue eyes were enough to take my breath away
Those strong arms wrap around me while we slowly begin to sway

Your playful laugh, it consumes me
Your gentle hands are a tease
Your kind smile gives me a feeling of complete bliss
I never have to ask
You always reward me with a kiss

With you, your bow and arrow are growing weak
Yet I remain beside you to kiss you on the cheek
I’ll be here to tell you that it will all be okay
But the others, they don’t understand
They try to steal you away
And one day you will give way
And leave me standing here to fade

Your moods change quickly
Angry, sad, and sometimes happy
You say you love me
Then you say you don’t want me

Eros, my darling boy
My love for you is not a toy
With your sing song voice you draw me into a world
Where all of your darkness is unfurled

You scream and you shout
For the love you give is a burden I wish to cast out
I’m holding you close
But it won’t help all of the blows
They’re causing you pain, it’s all that they know
I’m trying to shield your crippled body
But she’s coming for you, Eros
And I cannot help you flee

Leave him alone
With Aphrodite I plead
In front of her my stitches are unsewn
All she has is her greed

You get up and you walk
Past me like I am nothing but muck
I watch you fade into the crowd
That bow and arrow held proud
I call to you but to no avail
Your wounds are reopened
I will not be there to ail

That darkness you consume
Will break through to you soon
With your sugar coated words and charm
You take my body
Whispering into my ear that I am lovely

Foreseeing these feelings I didn’t want this from the start
But with your pleasantry and wit you grab hold of my heart
And as I say this the darkness returns
And you draw your deadly arrow
And when you lay that bow down soft to sleep
You take my soul, Eros
But it was always yours to keep

Underneath My Bones


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