The worst thing in this world is hearing that someone you love, someone that is a part of you, is not with you anymore. The worst thing in the world is hearing that that special person, will never speak to you again. You cannot hug them, you cannot hear them laugh, you cannot tell them your deepest secrets and have them respond. The worst thing in this world is being told that someone you love has passed on. You never got to say goodbye. You scramble to remember the last time you saw them and think “But they were okay. They were fine. We had plans. It can’t be.” Your world begins to spin as you try to see your life without them. You think it’s all some cruel joke. You want to call them, but you know that if they don’t answer it is only confirming the worst. You feel sick to your stomach and tears burn your eyes and you can’t breathe. “What happened?” That question for the most part can almost always be answered. But the one question that people will never receive an answer to is “Why did it happen?” Why do people have to die? Why does it have to hurt so much? Why does it feel like your heart is being ripped from your body? Why? It is the worst thing, it is the worst feeling, it the worst thought and the worst experience of anyones life.

The only cure are the memories, and that cure is not guaranteed. Sometimes those memories only hurt more. Over time wounds begin to close but they are always ready to open up again with the tiniest scratch. Scars form and are there as a constant reminder of what happened to make you cry and scream. It’s almost as if you’d rather it have been you. So you could be the one to escape from the pain. So that you could be the one to go away just so your loved one can live another day on earth. Why do these things happen? I cannot tell you why. I can only tell you that death is a necessity in this world. So live your life carefully but to the fullest. Treat your body as a temple. Love God with all your heart. And cherish every single person that is in your life because in a moment you could be hearing that they’re gone. And that, my friend, is the worst thing in the world.