Letting Loose My Inner Child

My roommate and I have decided to turn over a new leaf and made a pact about spending more time in nature and exercising. We took a long walk today through Lithia Park and found some swings that helped me reminisce about being a child again. Thinking back to the time when I would beg my father to push me on the swings in our backyard and dreaming of swinging all the way around. The competition on the swings in elementary school were very intense. I can remember challenging other kids to go higher than me. I remember jumping off as soon as I reached the peak point in my swinging and landing like a cat on the sand below. It was a victorious moment. I’m glad I found those swings today and took the chance of using them despite some disapproved looks from people who thought I was much too old to be so joyous about swinging. 


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