The End of Me

I should have known that he would be the one to kill me. He had good looks, he had money, he had charm. His voice like honey. I followed him into a world where drugs, sex, and lies ruled us all. I felt safe in his arms, ironically. But no one lasts in that world. I began to see the skin melting off their faces, their skeletal arms and bony cheeks were the most prominent things about them. Their yellowed sharp teeth guarded black tongues. Their soulless eyes bore right through me. Everyone but him were disintegrating before my eyes. Maybe that’s why I stayed longer than what was safe. But once you cross the border into the world full of demons there is no escape. I tried to leave, but those strong arms that once gave me safety, pulled me back into the darkness where my screams could never be heard. He shouted that he loved me. He couldn’t understand why his world suddenly terrified me. I begged him to let me leave. But people like him don’t want to lose what they have taken. His hands around my neck, my breaths struggling to keep me alive. That’s when I saw him as one of them. Rotting corpses filled with nothing but darkness. I should have known that he would be the one to kill me. With his dark eyes, his strong arms, and his careful words. His voice like vinegar, his world full of death, and now me.