I saw you through the smoke

Laughing at life’s cruel joke

Of keeping us apart

You son of a bitch

Who broke my heart

I sucked on my cigarette

Willing it to burn my lungs

Your laughter ringing in my ears

A sound no one should have to hear

You caught my eye

As I forced back vomit

At your dumbass grin

Which used to be my favorite thing

I raised my middle finger

Which you found funny

I gagged at the thought

Of you ever calling me honey

I walked out of the room

My heart a series of booms

I heard you call my name

But you were the one to blame

The cold night air

Saving me from your glare

You never fucking cared

I stepped out into the street

Separating you from me

The metal hit my legs

Sending me to my fate

I opened my eyes

To your stupid face

You were the last thing I saw

Before I was nothing at all

Your hand on my heart

Maybe I was the one at fault