You were standing there, so real and genuine. I couldn’t find the right words when you spoke to me. You asked to show me something. I followed you through the trees that stretched so tall they seemed to be touching the sky. Birds were everywhere, singing and hopping along to the rhythm of our footsteps. You held my hand and led me down a path made of wildflowers. We stopped in front of a tiny cottage in the middle of the forest, my heart beating out of my chest. Inside there was only a bed, pressed up against wall length windows that looked out over a lake and magnificent snow covered mountains. The sky was gray, but beautiful. You asked me if I liked it, you said it had been made for me. And then we were lying down, your arms around my body, my hand across your chest. You whispered that you wished we could stay like that forever, and I quietly agreed, holding on to you so tightly that I became embarrassed. I remember you laughing and then telling me that it would be alright. I knew what was coming. And then you were no longer beneath me. And that’s when I realized that the birds had stopped singing. The mountains and lake had been swallowed by the night. You were gone and I was alone, with no sign of life around me.