IUD Poem

This was an assignment for my poetry class. I had to answer questions to compile a list of 100 words and make a poem out of them. It doesn’t make much sense but I thought I’d share it because it was an interesting exercise and can open up a person’s mind to new writing ideas they didn’t know were there. 

Unhealthy bigot simulacrum

This ethereal enjoyable morbidity

Pedantic gauche humans

Xenophobic caseous opinion

Walking in silent space

Greasy voyeur eyes of manipulative emotionless sex

Revengeful fantasy in lithe brume

Willaby walking home in peace

Pragmatic irony is Kris Jenner

Obama, abate these taxes

Capitalism, Congress, Democracy, hyperboles of Government

North Korea, a standing drill

Stalin, Al Qaeda, Immigration, is bad judgement

Sexism, a snake’s guilty disposition, a vagina’s shame

Holistic empathy, please exist in time

Spelunking and spiders

Eel’s and shark’s, the ocean’s quiddity

The universe loves the moon and stars

God is effulgent in intenerate integrity

Insidious guilty pleasures in rum, menage trois

Craving hopeful honesty

Delicious fried possum in Asia

Bears, cats, raccoons, and deer, walking hairballs

The Wanted, baby’s breath, and fumbs…irrelevant