I woke up to your whisper in my ear

My eyes searched the room helplessly for you

My heart was racing at the idea that maybe

Just maybe,

You had come back for me

 You left me desperate when you were my hope

You left me bound with broken promises

And I hated you, I did

I cursed your name and dreamt of pushing you into a black abyss

But every morning I wake up with your voice in my ear

And every day I forgive you for the scars you forgot on my body

And my eyes will always be searching

My mind always wondering

About where you are and why the hell you’re there 

9 thoughts on “Forgotten

    1. Aw lovely it’s alright to feel emotional about things. I think it’s good to get it out and feel it sometimes, so never be ashamed of it. Thank you for your comment, I always love to hear that my writing has touched people in certain ways.

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      1. You’re welcome. Yeah its better when you can feel something anything even agonising pain. Coz numbness is just worst phase of life. And when it ends everything just comes on your way flooding. You know what I mean..!!?!

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      2. Yeah.. it’s one of the reason I like this blogging community. We actually get to know others who are going through same stuff as ourselves or even worse and we can somehow get strength from each other by sharing our own thoughts. It’s so lovely.

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      3. That’s why I started. I always wanted to be a writer but I didn’t have the confidence. I wanted to help people and relate to them through my words. So I started this blog as a kind of detoxing for my emotions, a place I can go to be myself and relieve my mind. So comments like yours fuel my love of writing. Thank you so much for that.

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