My Mind

My mind is a series of never ending thoughts

My mind is capable of creating worlds and galaxies that don’t exist

My mind loves to wander and discover new places

My mind loves to sing when my thoughts get too loud

My mind is a fortress, with sneaky traitorous guards

My mind likes to memorize song lyrics and quotes but can’t seem to remember a single math equation

My mind spends most of its time day dreaming of hot unattainable men instead of paying attention to the expensive ass education I paid for

My mind is a hopeful thing, but some days it just wants to sleep and forget about life struggles

My mind always thinks it’s hungry, even when it’s not

My mind is not understood, by the simple and mundane

My mind has an obsession with the idea of love, though it has never felt it before

My mind likes to wonder about the cruelness of the world

My mind is riddled with anxiety and a bit of sadness

My mind requires medicine to keep it in line when all these damn thoughts take over my body

My mind is a series of vines in a jungle full of dangerous animals and beautiful ruins

My mind loves to get lost in words, finding hope in their meaning

My mind craves to attain the knowledge of scholars and artists

My mind wishes to understand the world

My mind prays for the less fortunate, and makes sure to remind me that other people have troubles too

My mind likes to fight with me about significant life decisions until it’s almost too late to make one

My mind is easily tired My mind inflates sometimes, giving me a sense of false confidence that comes to kick me in the ass later on

My mind has learned from my past experiences but sometimes loves to repeat its mistakes

My mind longs for the days when I was a happy child who wouldn’t let the world bring me down

My mind has a conscience that keeps me from lying, or at least lying well

My mind is always asking for forgiveness, even when it secretly knows that it is not at fault

My mind is a bruised fighter

My mind has dusty corners that have been avoided for the sake of my sanity

My mind sympathizes all too easily with people

My mind sometimes notices the smallest yet most important things, but will also miss some of the most obvious signs in front of me

My mind has dreams that it will hopefully never give up on, no matter how impossible they seem

My mind loves everyone

My mind loves me, although sometimes it tries to deny it

My mind is my own, even when it’s trying to destroy me

I’ve done a piece like this before but I’ve added on to it and revised a bit and I really liked this outcome. It’s a bit vulnerable for me to put this on paper but helps me understand myself and my struggles a little better.