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      1. Omg such a huge climate change… When i moved from Kenya to Chicago i was surprised at how cold the winter was here.

        Are there not a lot of opportunities for schools in Hawaii?

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      2. I’ve been going to school in southern Oregon for a couple of years now so I’m getting a little more used to the cold weather. Hawai’i has good schools but I wanted to get out of the place I grew up and live in a new place. It’s hard to be so far from home but I have a lot more opportunity. You’re from Kenya? I’ve always wanted to go there!


      3. I totally understand what you mean being away from all of my family is really hard, but my parents brought us here to give us a better opportunity and I am thankful for it, even though its a climate change. And I have always wanted to go to Hawaii 🙂
        Are you still going to study Veterinarian?

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