Everything I’ve Been Looking For

I find comfort in your words

Your voice soothes me into a sleep

Where I can be with you in a world

That comes without cruelty or misfortune

Your laugh makes me want to dance

And when you sing 

The earth disappears and all I can see are the stars

You are everything I’ve been looking for

Earth Day

I never really appreciated my home until I left for college. The beauty was an everyday occurrence for me so I didn’t think much of it. But I miss these Hawaiian sunsets and the ocean more than anything. Oregon holds its own special beauty but the views on Kauai are incredible. Anyway, Happy Earth Day to everyone. Remember, Malama da A’ina (Hawaiian for Respect The Land). This is your home and its beauty won’t last if we carry on with all of these industrial problems and littering.  I thank God for creating this planet and for giving me the eyes to appreciate it. He also gave me a craving to travel and see all of the wonders of the world. I can’t wait until that is possible. 

Infinite Lovers Pt. 2

But as infinite as we said we were

Your existence ended 

Your soul moving on to another universe

Far away from me

When your hand let go of mine 

I was sucked into a black hole

Spinning and spinning

Until I was thrown back onto earth

Where you were just a memory

And the clouds mocked our lost magic

And the sky became a prison

I searched for you in every star

Until I realized that you had been the moon all along

And I was the sun

And my love would burn for you through all eternity

After all, 

We were infinite lovers

Even if the sun and the moon can never meet again

Infinite Lovers Pt. 1

You told me you caught a star

When I asked to see it you grabbed my hand and spun me around 

You said you had figured out the meaning of life

When I asked you to share it the only words you said were

I love you

You told me you discovered magic

When I asked you to prove it

You kissed me until the sun came up

You shouted to the sky that you had found something more boundless

And then you picked me up and showed me to the galaxy beyond 

Which cracked beneath the weight of our existence 

Leaving you and I to explore the universe as infinite lovers