My Beautiful Mother

My mother is the most beautiful, determined, and strong person I know. But with those amazing attributes always comes a back story filled with reasons why she’s had to be so strong and why she’s had to overcome so much to get where she is now. I look to my mother for constant inspiration and aspire to be as incredible of a writer as she is. So I thought I’d share this little gem with you. 


My grandma is quite possibly my favorite human being on this planet. She has never stopped supporting me, not for a second. She believes in me with everything she has and never fails to make me feel better. She is the quirkiest most spirited person the universe has ever been blessed with. She’s had her struggles, and she’s overcome them with incredible strength and effulgence. She was there for me when my parents couldn’t be. She would dance around the living room with me, swinging me around until we were both on the floor breathless from laughter. She understands every part of me, especially the parts that I don’t feel comfortable showing to anyone else. Her home is my escape. She is the person I run to when I have no one else. She is the single star in my dark that will always lead me home. She has hold of my hand and will never let go no matter how hard life tries to pull me away. Her existence is everything to me, even when I’m miles away across an ocean. I can feel her love from here and I know she is always there to cheer me on even if no one else agrees with me.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of her with you.