Things I Love & Things I Hate

This is an assignment I had for class where I had to make a run on sentence. I was required to use certain words which are easy to pick out. So this is a rant on scrambled thoughts in my head.

I love and hate many things, and there are many things that people love and hate about me, but where does it all begin? Could it be that I never stop speaking what’s on my mind or does it start with my natural disposition to examine and wonder about everything? Like how the fuck is Xenophobia even a thing and when did having a vagina mean that you were inferior to everyone who bears a penis and now has to suffer from sexism and who in their right mind would want to go spelunking where spiders and snakes await to kill you? Obama sure isn’t doing anything for taxes or immigration, don’t even get me started on Clinton, and Congress has gone down the toilet like what the fuck is wrong with the government and why do we have to force democracy on other countries, why can’t we stay out of it and focus on our own people? Al Qaeda now has some competition called Isis and honestly I don’t even want to know what the hell is going on with that because it’s all unnecessary bigotry that could be solved if people knew how to be pragmatic and look at things holistically instead of abating each other while I’m here wondering where the fuck is the peace in this world, I’d honestly rather live in space where the moon and stars stay silent in their beautiful quiddity and humans can’t touch me with their ignorant self serving words that is the source of these insidious actions that bring hate into the world and shameful actions that is a slap in the face to God who brought us into existence so that we could enjoy the beauty of the universe and the ocean and all of the wonders of the world.

Another thing that’s been on my mind is the voyeuristic tendencies that puts guilty, manipulative, and unloving sex on a pedestal and calls it fantasy and teaches thirsty young minds that sex isn’t love but instead it can be emotionless and serve the purpose solely for physical pleasure like nobody should want that for themselves, everyone should crave a love full of empathy and integrity, it shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. Silence is the absolute worst while standing before the person you love and you’re suddenly afraid of the honest morbidity that your heart is about to face but you know the sex has been hopeful but gauche and you walk beside each other with a brume of sadness between you and you want to break away from the world and drink rum until you find yourself spinning through an ethereal itinerate dream with your body full of lithe wonder and then you’re puking up all of the irony until you feel like a caseous fried eel and you are on the verge of accepting death because all he gave you for flowers were those damn gross baby breath’s and his eyes were as revengeful as a shark’s and though he once tasted delicious he is now an unhealthy greasy meal that you ate and can’t stop hacking up because he’s stuck in your system while you’re suspended in time and walking away is not an option anymore.

That is the one thing I hate the most, the one thing I will never stop thinking about and despising because this life should be lived with effulgence and enjoyable experiences that will fuel your soul until you feel like you’re standing on top of a mountain and not even North Korea could knock you down from there. Menage a Trois is the only phrase I can say in French, which is a language I wish I could speak. And I love coming up with hyperboles to describe the Kardashians and Kris Jenner although I’d secretly like to switch lives with them or maybe even switch lives with a cat who doesn’t have to worry about misjudged simulacrums that drill into your brain until you feel like a worthless piece of shit whereas if you were a cat the biggest worry would be hacking up a hairball.

If I had a cat I’d name him Willaby and keep him away from all the bad in the world and instead feed him popsicles and hug him like he’s my childhood teddy bear while reading him nice poems. My least favorite animals are racoons and possums, they are worse than having to sit in a room while Emblem3 is blasting through the speakers, someone should really do them a favor and tell them that they can never achieve what One Direction has achieved and they will never be Harry Styles because he is a magnificent masterpiece which is why I’m sure God was being pedantic while creating that angel. So yes, I like and dislike many things and I have many opinions that are constantly running through my mind and all too often flying out of my mouth and I can go from thinking about fumbs to wondering what the fuck Stalin was thinking but I am thankful for that ability and hope that my mind will continue to grow and develop passions and stand up for what I believe in.