I can’t see the stars. The night stretches past the city lights but there are no stars. Only lit windows of the people who can’t sleep. People like me. Street lamps reveal those who don’t wish to be seen.  Headlights never stop, always guiding people to their destinations. Blinking red lights on top of skyscrapers remind planes that we’re here. As if the planes couldn’t already see the thousands of lights the city reflects. Bright neon colors come from the windows of the people who spend their nights dancing with the lights. I sit on the fire escape and watch all of these lights, missing the moon and the stars. I miss standing in the middle of a field, away from the artificial hue of the city, my arms spread wide, looking up at the night sky with the stars and the moon and the far away planets. Because there are all of these lights and none of them come from the stars. Can you believe that there is a whole universe above us and the city lights can make us forget that’s it’s even there?


The sound of the raindrops reminds me of a song you used to sing

Made up of melodies that would carry my body to the moon and back

I lie in bed with my hands reaching towards the sky

Trying to find you and pull you back to me

Oh baby, sing to me one more time

I stare up at the stars and wonder which one is you

Do you wonder about me too? 

Every night I dance in the moonlight

Hoping that the white dress you gave me will catch your eye

Now the raindrops touch my skin as your fingers used to

And the thunder creates a gentle hum in my bones just as your voice did

But then the sun finds it’s place in the light of day 

And I’m left with the chill I felt the day they found you

But as long as you keep singing, darling

I’ll find you

The Cure

Swinging sweet melodies to birds and trees

Forever dancing with the stars and moon

Looking for a way to cure my disease

Humming a familiar haunting tune

The wind carries my song to you, darling

Hopelessly hoping that you’ll come find me

Before my wounds started their fateful scarring

Dark clouds led you to my place by the sea

Your careful words calming my endless war

Look in my eyes until I surrender

Make sure my demons inside are no more

I found myself in all of your splendor

White flags wave as your loving lips meet mine

I’ll drink your cure for the rest of my life

Infinite Lovers Pt. 2

But as infinite as we said we were

Your existence ended 

Your soul moving on to another universe

Far away from me

When your hand let go of mine 

I was sucked into a black hole

Spinning and spinning

Until I was thrown back onto earth

Where you were just a memory

And the clouds mocked our lost magic

And the sky became a prison

I searched for you in every star

Until I realized that you had been the moon all along

And I was the sun

And my love would burn for you through all eternity

After all, 

We were infinite lovers

Even if the sun and the moon can never meet again

Infinite Lovers Pt. 1

You told me you caught a star

When I asked to see it you grabbed my hand and spun me around 

You said you had figured out the meaning of life

When I asked you to share it the only words you said were

I love you

You told me you discovered magic

When I asked you to prove it

You kissed me until the sun came up

You shouted to the sky that you had found something more boundless

And then you picked me up and showed me to the galaxy beyond 

Which cracked beneath the weight of our existence 

Leaving you and I to explore the universe as infinite lovers