I can’t see the stars. The night stretches past the city lights but there are no stars. Only lit windows of the people who can’t sleep. People like me. Street lamps reveal those who don’t wish to be seen. ¬†Headlights never stop, always guiding people to their destinations. Blinking red lights on top of skyscrapers remind planes that we’re here. As if the planes couldn’t already see the thousands of lights the city reflects. Bright neon colors come from the windows of the people who spend their nights dancing with the lights. I sit on the fire escape and watch all of these lights, missing the moon and the stars. I miss standing in the middle of a field, away from the artificial hue of the city, my arms spread wide, looking up at the night sky with the stars and the moon and the far away planets. Because there are all of these lights and none of them come from the stars. Can you believe that there is a whole universe above us and the city lights can make us forget that’s it’s even there?