Showing James Franco the world

James Franco is one of the greatest artists and creators of our time. His work and his views of this world have inspired me for years and I bought this sweatshirt he designed for a campaign. I wear this sweatshirt wherever I travel to. He is an icon for self acceptance, an advocate for never giving up on your dreams, and an incredible teacher. We all have something to learn from each other, so find those who go through life taking risks and aspiring to discover the many secrets and hidden talents on this earth and let them teach you. 

When The Rain Won’t Stop

I couldn’t help but notice that ever since you came back from that house, the rain won’t stop

Every time you speak the rain beats harder and harder against the roof until I think that the whole house is going to cave in

I wish it would

Because every time I hear you sing I want to drown myself in the water that is pouring down from the sky

The lake is filling up, higher than I ever thought possible

And I find myself dreaming of the day that it will sweep up the house and take me out to sea 

Which is the only thing that can get me far enough from you

The other day while I sat watching the raindrops make pathways on the windows

You came up behind me and your greasy hands touched my hair

And I began to think that not even all of that rain could cleanse you of your filth

Sometimes I stand out in the rain, begging it to give me the sun

But when you’re around the sun no longer exists and the clouds mock my desperation

And though there was a time that I once loved you

The rain followed you home and the sun left without a goodbye

And now all I’m left with is your damn singing

That is out of tune with the beat of those fucking raindrops

And I am sickened by the thought of ever having loved you

Because when the rain won’t stop you know there is no more hope for us


You promised to hold my hand and dance with me

You promised that you’d take me to see the world

You promised to kiss me everyday, even when we were fighting

You promised that you loved me

You promised that you’d never leave

You promised that I was the only one

You promised that you’d care for me when the meds made me feel sick

You promised to fight off the voices

You promised that I’d get better

You promised that I wouldn’t give in

But when you broke your promises, I did